What is Ashanti Gumbo™

Prn. Ah-Shaun-tee Gum-beau

a nutritious metaphorical gumbo, prepared by polymath, Obatalia, that celebrates soulful sustainable living

A flavorful multidimensional meal cooked up specifically for those who are willing to slow down and dine on life

this gumbo is for spirit driven innovators who are actively choosing to not live as batteries for corrupt and destructive systems of thinking.

The Ingredients

a spicy fusion of community and commerce

the zesty essence of inspirational spiritual publications

a sprinkle of Obatalia’s art therapy


Community & Commerce

Kongo Square Foundation advocates social change through the deliberate cultural reformation of practices that erode unity and impede inner peace.

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DNA Activation

Explore the unlimited resources available to you when you focus on all of the beauty

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DNA Activation
Explore The Ashanti Gumbo Gumroad

Explore The Ashanti Gumbo Gumroad

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Inspirational Publications

Fearless Yes! Magazine

Fearless Yes! Magazine

Fearless Yes! Magazine is the seasonal almanac that you never knew you needed!

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Dream Awake Tarot™

Dream Awake Tarot™

You ain’t neva experienced tarot like this. This journey requires you to dig a little deeper than what you see with your eyes to tap into what you feel, using your body as a pendulum. Each deck comes with a digital inspiration guide!

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