"Soy lo que digo que soy"


Obatalia Yemoshunya’s calling is deeply rooted in the soil of self empowerment, sensual embodiment and gentle environmental activism as she refers to her musical footprint as mental gardening. 

About Obatalia

Leading by embodying the change as a devotee of watering one’s own mind, Obatalia thrives as a product of alchemical breakthroughs. These breakthroughs inspire audiovisual and live experiences that creatively explore returning to nature, orgasmic bliss advocacy, herbal medicine, indigenous ceremony, the use of spoken word as therapy and the teachings of daily social sustainability practices. 

Exploring The kaleidoscope

As society evolves, the multi-hyphenate artist is born to exemplify one's ability to intersect yet maintain authenticity. 

All of Obatalia's musical, meditation and affirmation offerings are a part of a holistic ecosystem.

"36 Days of Self Love" Daily Affirmations 

Dream Awake Tarot,™ a self learning tool developed in the winter of 2017, includes an album entitled "36 Days of Self Love" to accompany the written playbook and deck itself. 

Designed to encourage subtle shifts in the belief systems that shape the subconscious mind; thereby, giving birth to a new conscious way of living; as, 99% of what we do daily is controlled by the innermost subconscious belief systems set in place.

"Nasty Time" Audiobook w/Prayers & Meditations

Nasty Time is an audiobook infused with music and meditation practices to expand the auditory experience to multidimensional proportions. Written to inspire healthy dialogue about sexuality as it relates to girls, teens and women alike.

Considering that first sexual encounters are happening at younger and younger ages--sometimes as early as 9 years old, Nasty Time is a book that inspires wombed beings to examine the biological, hormonal, and anatomical contributions to our sexuality. 

DNA Prosperity Activation 

As we enter into a renewed collective mindset around spiritual prosperity, purpose and financial abundance, 10 affirmations accompany the DNA Prosperity Activation: Learning Experience 51 page Playbook to assist with uncreating and destroying unhealthy and non productive mindsets around wealth.

Listening to and journaling 1 affirmation each day; as well as, allowing that same affirmation to play in the background throughout the day, inspires fundamental changes in core belief systems around the source of the abundant supply of prosperity in our lives. 

let's Stay Together 

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Obatalia's Ashanti Gumbo™ Experience 

Sacred Service

Serving not only as a musician, Obatalia graciously holds space as an activist driven by the bliss of witnessing communities evolve and become more and more lucid, dissolving the old residue of their former lives. 

Obatalia Yemoshunya has hosted hundreds of sponsored events; as well as, speaks and performs at various community gatherings, festivals and hospice care locations as a goal of catering to audiences that are underserved.

Live Performance

Obatalia's style of live performance embraces the indigenous practices of call and response integrated with sound structures she composes and engineers organically creating therapy out of a live performance set, inviting the audience to activate their throat chakras in resonant harmonies with her own.

Event Curation & Hosting

Connecting the dots, creating systems and communications mastery makes Obatalia a worthy ally for event hosting. Creation of ease happens when aligned with concise planning, playfulness and imagination.

Panels, Workshops & Oration 

Raised to listen first with true intention of understanding, allows for Obatalia to speak from a place of well thought out insight. Integrating yoga teaching skills into the framework of delivery, creates a unity amongst the audience and familiarity that breaks ice and opens minds.

Ecstatic Bliss Sensuality Guide for Groups & Individuals

Music, meditation and movement create a holistic environment for new seeds to planted. Each session is individualized and designed to cater to the central theme, focus and need of the person and/or community.

Creative Director & Brand Ambassador

With a background in writing, photography, modeling, digital artistry, music engineering and master cosmetology, Obatalia has the perspectives of several people composed into one mind.

Meditation Videos

Multidimensional extrasensory meditations assist with becoming present through soundscapes

that ground the body physically and open up an entire landscape in the mind to awaken and expand the imagination. 

let's Connect

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